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The Associated Press college football poll carries a fraction of the weight that it once did, especially during the second half the season after the real College Football Playoff rankings bombard breaking news tickers across the country. Despite that justified reduction in value and popularity, a gallop through the history of the AP rankings closely mirrors the perceptions and opinions of the most successful programs of all-time.

Those all-time rankings have a feast of historically prominent teams patrolling the top like territorial landlords, but what about the teams that have risen from the toilet bowl of obscurity to routine frequenters of the top 25? Or those that dominated the rankings for decades but have fallen victim to inexplicable mediocrity?

The Week 11 AP Re-Rankings peruse the history of the Associated Press poll and which teams in this week’s top 25 have spent the most time in those rankings since it’s debut nearly 80 years ago on October 19, 1936.

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