Three Naval Academy football players are accused of sexually assaulting a female Navy midshipman. NBC News has reported that the alleged attack took place in the back of a car after the four people involved had been drinking. One of the disturbing details that has developed is that one of the assailants was the victim’s boyfriend who is a senior at the academy. The other two aggressors are said to be juniors at the Naval Academy. As of right now no charges have been filed and the names of the players have not been released.

The victim alleges that the assault happened a year ago when she reported it, but four months later the woman wanted to drop the case. Then in February the woman wanted to continue with the case. This all comes less than a week ago after President Barack Obama spoke at the Naval Academy graduation and told graduates that sexual assault has “no place in the greatest military on Earth.” Ironically the main assailant was supposed to graduate the day that Obama gave his speech, but with an ongoing investigation he was not allowed to attend. Obama felt the need to address military sexual assaults because a 2012 Pentagon report showed that 3,300 sexual assault reports were made in the military and 26,000 military members reported unwanted sexual contact. There were 15 sexual assaults at the Naval Academy in 2012, up from 11 in 2011.

Meanwhile Cmdr. John Schofield commented on the situation, “Naval Academy leadership is monitoring the progress of this investigation and evaluating the appropriate options for adjudication.” He added, “It is completely inappropriate to make any other public comment on this investigation or any ongoing investigation as we risk compromising the military justice process.” Navy Football Coach Ken Niumatalolo and Naval Academy Superintendent Vice Adm. Michael Miller did not comment because the investigation is ongoing.