We miss Les Miles on the sidelines every college football Saturday. His mad hatter tendencies to make bizarre but often brilliant decisions is sorely missed, as is his tendency to eat grass before a game. His broadcasting career with FOX turned out to be less than stellar, but we still are mesmerized every time someone puts a camera in front of him.

In this case, the Players’ Tribune gave Les Miles a fidget spinner. What comes next is probably the best thing ever.

“What the hell is this?” says Les as the video opens. But slowly, he becomes mesmerized by the fidget spinners’ charm. Look at some of his facial expressions, they’re comedy gold. And then comes the clincher: “I guarantee you people will buy this”. They did Les, they did. Here at Next Impulse Sports, we’ve had a lot of fun documenting weird fidget spinner happenings.

It’s natural that a 64-year-old would be a little late to a cultural phenomenon, but with the Mad Hatter himself, we really don’t care.

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