Marshawn Lynch is pretty much Teflon. He can do basically whatever he wants, including using a real-life truck-stick against a high school football team while on suspension for defending a player on the opposing team by pushing away a ref. And in another addition to that canon, here he is dropping an F-bomb on live television.

I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before with Lynch, because of how he keeps it real, you know. But just look at Deion Sanders’ face in that screencap. Even he can’t be that surprised with what happened here, though everyone on set was having a laugh.

“Right before we came out for kickoff,” he said during his spot on Facetime, “that motherf****r started pouring. So it probably changed the game plan up a little bit.”

Best part: Lynch had no idea he was live on cable TV when he dropped the f-bomb.

“Aw, I thought we was just on FaceTime!” he said. “I was hollering at my big dog.”

But everyone should have known this is where the interview was going to go, because earlier in it, when talking about the aforementioned destruction of high school students, Lynch said this:

“I couldn’t go around the [Raiders] facility,” he said, “so a n**** had to stay active somehow.”

Marshawn Lynch had a touchdown against the Dolphins in one of his best recent games of the Raiders season. Because of that, and because he’s Marshawn Lynch, he can totally get away with cursing twice on live TV. We buy his excuse that he didn’t know he was on TV, because he’s Marshawn Lynch.

The NFL is better with Lynch back in the game.


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