Reminder: the butterfly is both a swim stroke AND a dance move.

Everyone has their own way of prepping for the Olympics. Some train just a little more; others surprise fans; and one guy spent a buttload playing Pokemon Go. The USA Swim Team? They perform carpool karaoke, as one does.

In a weird attempt to “road trip” from Atlanta to Rio, the USA Swimming Youtube channel brings us swimmers driving and belting out some of music’s top hits, from Flo Rida’s “My House” to the theme from That 70’s Show. It’s good to see them having a bit of fun before one of the biggest moments of their lives, and makes you wonder if Michael Phelps might have a second career in the works (spoiler: maybe not).

From people who are fast in swim suits to people who look good in them, look no further than the deck below for one of our Instagram favorites, Cindy Prado.