The tallest photobombs ever.

The NBA season may have come and gone, but basketball is still on the minds of many. With the 2016 Olympics on their way, people are getting pumped as we wait to see the like of Kyrie Irving, DeMar DeRozan, and others try to dominate the basketball court and bring home the gold. For now, though, they’ve decided to just photobomb a few unsuspecting fans.

Brought to you oddly by Marriott of all companies, the likes of Irving and DeRozan (who recently tried to pull a nasty dunk on China), along with Kyle Lowry and hall of fame center David Robinson showed up in Los Angeles to surprise fans. A photo booth- complete with cardboard cutouts of Team USA- was setup selfies and photo ops alike, but fans definitely got more than they were expecting.

giphy (28)



The best has to be David Robinson, who seems to be having more fun than anyone doing this. Guess we would too, though, if we were a 7′ NBA legend.

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