Rob Gronkowski is set to turn 26 on Thursday but that hasn’t stopped the Patriots tight end from getting a head start on his birthday festivities.

Gronk took his considerable partying talents to Vegas over the weekend and the resulting Gronk-fest pretty much confirmed that Gronk isn’t human so much as he is a platonic ideal of the term “bro.”

Gronk brought out the Gronk brothers and Gronk Dad for the weekend.


He took a cake and did Gronk things with it.

Gronk’s friend Mojo Rawley showed up for Gronk’s bash as well.

Basically, Gronk’s pre-birthday celebration was everything that one could have hoped for and more. I’d like to call this peak Gronk because I can’t imagine how anything could be more bro-tastic but Gronk continues to somehow exceed the lofty expectations that he’s placed on himself day after day during the Summer of Gronk.

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