In today’s episode of “Charles Barkley Speaks For America”, we have a comment from last night’s broadcast of the Cavaliers-Knicks game, for which the Chuckster and Reggie Miller teamed up to provide color analysis alongside Marv Albert. As per usual, Charles didn’t provide a whole lot of particularly helpful commentary, and used his airtime to crack jokes about triangles and riff on various NBA-related topics. One of those topics was the Los Angeles Lakers, who currently sit at 0-2 and show no signs of being relevant other than being piped into America’s living rooms thanks to a whopping 28 national television appearances. TWENTY-EIGHT. You know what else the number “28” represents? More than the Lakers’ win total all of last season. Even worse: they may struggle to even hit 28 wins again this season (yours truly has them pegged at 29, but after watching those first two games, I may have to revise that prediction).

The only saving grace in all this is that ESPN has the ability to flex out of some games (they actually dropped a few Lakers’ games, mid-stream, last season). unfortunately, neither the TNT games nor the Sunday ABC games can be flexed out, so we’re stuck with those. So, if you’re a fan of fiery train wrecks, then you’re in for a real treat this season. And probably a couple more down the line.