money2Anytime there’s a sporting event worth talking about, it’s a good bet that Floyd Mayweather has some money riding on the outcome. Thus, you should not be surprised that “Money” Mayweather has wagered quite a bit of cash on this weekend’s Super Bowl.

But who is Mayweather picking? And just how confident is he in his pick?

Well, he’s going with Peyton Manning and the Broncos…and he seems very, very sure of his bet. The boxer has reportedly placed $10.4 million on Denver to win on Sunday, a bet large enough for some to speculate that he may just move the line on his own.

Earlier this year, Mayweather won more than $50,000 when No. 11 Oklahoma knocked off No. 3 Alabama 45-31 in the Sugar Bowl. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if he’s made the right pick again.

Update: Mayweather told Mashable after the Super Bowl that the rumors of his giant bet were false. Maybe they were, or maybe he’s just embarrassed his bet was as wrong as it was.

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for winning the Super Bowl. For the record, I did NOT bet $10 million on The Broncos. As a matter of fact, I didn’t bet at alI. I can’t control what rumors are put out there. But good or bad publicity keeps me relevant. The only thing I would bet $10 million on is MYSELF because from the looks of my record, I’m a guaranteed WIN!!! I’m focused on that, my company and my tech investments.


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