An hour prior to the Spurs and Timberwolves tipping off in Mexico at Mexico City Arena tonight, it appears that a fire of some kind has struck up somewhere in the building. The whole Arena has since been evacuated after half of the arena’s power is out, and the heavy smoke from said fire has moved into the locker rooms and main arena. As teams retreated to their team buses, and media and fans outside, there is no word on if this game will be postponed or just delayed.

In what is already a tough altitude to catch your breath in, as Mexico City sits at 7,350 feet above sea-level compared to the NBA’s highest being Denver at 5,280 feet, even if the fire is put out and smoke cleared, you would have to believe that the players wouldn’t be too thrilled about playing this game there tonight. Timberwolves star Forward, Kevin Love, already spoke on the tough conditions this week when he said, “You lose your breath very easy in here. Hopefully we’ll have our wind tomorrow.” ,

For a City that rarely gets any attention from the NBA in their recent globalization efforts, an incident like this surely can’t help the prospects of Mexico City landing any future consideration from the league.

**Below are some photos and a video from the teams beat reporters in attendance**




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