The Aledo High School football team in Aledo, Texas is steamrolling the competition this year and are off to a perfect 7-0 start and have outscored their opponents 485-47. Despite their No. 1 statewide ranking not everyone is impressed by their dominance. Aledo played Fort Worth Western Hills last Friday and it was no contest, the Aledo Bearcats dismantled them to the score of 91-0. The Bearcats destroyed the Western Hills despite pulling their starting players after only 21 snaps and they only threw the ball ten times. Despite Aledo head coach Tim Buchanan’s attempt to not embarrass the other team, their reserves still rolled on. There has been a complaint of bullying charged to Buchanan for his team’s humiliating win. When Buchanan was asked why he didn’t have his players kneel the ball he correctly responded, “To go out and tell your kids, ‘No, I don’t want you to play hard, because we’re ahead,’ that’s against every fundamental coaching strategy that you have.” The Aledo Independent School District will investigate the complaint against its football coaching staff.

Parents I completely understand you want to protect your children against anything, but to shield them from disappointment and losing is only hurting them and preparing them for an imaginary happy land that doesn’t exist. When these children grow up and get into the real world they are going to be hit across the face with the harsh reality that not everybody wins, not everybody gets a trophy. You’re doing your child a disservice.