Last night I finally saw The Social Network. I’m not going to write up a complete review because The Diplomat did an excellent job summing it up in an earlier post; however, there are a few things I’d like to mention.

First, Jesse Eisenberg did an excellent job playing the role of Suckerberg. I don’t know Mark personally because I hang out in a much more exclusive circle than his “Facebook” could ever replicate, but Jesse did an excellent acting job. Second, Justin Timberlake should not have played Sean Parker; poor casting choice. I think JT is an extremely talented individual but it is hard to get beyond the fact that JT is playing the role of anyone other than himself. I would recommend you see the movie; Sorkin knocks it out of the park.

Now on to much more important things—vending machines. Last night after me and my boo saw the movie we wanted some water.

Dasani Vending Machine Fail

What the hell is this? Am I back in that stupid two-story elevator from the hotel? I have 8 options for a singular choice—a $4 bottle of Dasani water. Coca-Cola’s design may make a little more sense than the Otis (Toto) elevator design; however, there are two additional flaws that make this contraption twice as bad. First, none of the bottons that correspond to the beverage talk to each other. What I mean here is when I put in my $5 bill and hit one of the buttons for my Dasani, I got a “Sold Out” message on the LED display. I had to hit 4 more buttons until it actually kicked out my 12oz Dasani and four quarters. The second flaw is that they actually incorporated my “Easy Button” feature where it says “Grab One” but it is not actually functional.

I’m done here.