The social network

We had an earlier post regarding the pressure of getting a 98-100 review…. Now to review it ourselves…

Last night I decided to go see view the Social Network in order to really grasp the competitive landscape for Cosby Sweaters in the online world.  My buddy Sven (name protected for anonymity) was going to be needing a ride to LAX the next morning and therefore crashing at my place… In order to make the evening as least gay as possible, I asked him to attend the film with me.  8:30pm pst at the Rave Theater in Westchester, CA.  (already a few beers deep at this time) We stopped at Subway for a meatball sub and one roasted chicken sub, followed by a stop at the local liquor store for a pint of Jack Daniels.  Let’s go.


Got to the movie a bit early; I grabbed a Corona at the bar and Sven got a jack on the rocks.  We make one last quick stop at the concession counter for popcorn, mixers, and sour patch kids.  Game time.

Right off the bat there is a great deal about The Social Network that is damn impressive. The film isdirected by David Fincher, (Fight Club, Zodiac, and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button). Fincher’s trademark bad ass camerawork and near perfect cinematography are onMOSTLY on display.  The early scenes show Harvard as historic, having amazing architecture, and (like the student body) pompous.  Harvard really looks great from the outside… The inside of the classrooms and hallways are slightly more beautiful to be honest.  Why, you may ask?  Because, Fincher’s dumbass shot them at USC.  Good try David.

The movie begins with some solid Sorkin induced witty banter between Mark Suckerberg and his good looking lady friend at the time.  Sorkin definitely kicked the shroom habit for this screenplay; he is clearly on his game straight out of the gate.  Key takeaways from the first scene; this sh*t is fiction… No way Suckerberg got a girl like that before his billions.  Also, the Jack Daniels has now been mixed with the soda.

It is clear that Suckerberg is a troubled and bitter little a-hole who only cares about proving people wrong.  In order to get back at his lady friend for dumping his pimple ridden ass he creates a “Hot or Not” website which pairs 2 girls against each other and allows users to rate who is hotter.  Cool idea Mark, Cosby Sweaters did that sh*t in 2001. Be original.

Fast forward a bit…

I think we all know the basic story; Mark Suckerberg comes up with an idea, him and a couple friends create this “social website” in their dorm room (while clearly doing a bunch of meth), the idea takes off because Suckerberg found the keys to making it work (exclusivity, and adding a “relationship” feature), it spreads quickly like a STD, he starts making millions, then he starts making billions, and finally he is now a billionaire with 500,000,000 active friends on FB (yet he has no real friends).

In order to properly ruin the movie for you I should mention a few things I didn’t fully know until I saw this flick.

1)      He gets sued by 3 guys at Harvard for allegedly stealing their idea.  He settled with them for 65 million dollars.  Cosby Sweaters actually paid that settlement because we felt bad for Mark.

2)      Mark screwed his best friend at the time (and CFO of his company) out of ownership and straight cash.  At that point in the film I wanted to punch Suckerberg in his face and the CFO in his Johnson for being such an idiot.  No one at Cosby Sweaters would make that mistake.  We have too many in house lawyers.

3)      Apparently Sean Parker (founder of Napster) was a big part of this “facebook” and mentored Mark’s dumbass through the expanding process.  I think they changed his name in the movie and had Justin Timberlake play this pompous little bastard.  I can guarantee you that in real life these two made out numerous times.  Sean still owns 7% of facebook to this day.

4)      Sean Parker got busted for coke possession and was forced to leave facebook.  BOOM!

The rest of the movie is actually a bit hazy for me but I would like to give The Social Network a  90 out of 100 for the following reasons.


–  Cosby Sweaters is better than facebook and it was not mentioned once in this movie

– The movie is definitely worth seeing.  Keeps you interested.

– Had a great scene with some great looking ladies dancing.

– Great acting by all except JT