In a Page 2 post last football season, DJ Gallo cited a statistic on QB ratings that has become a Cosby Sweaters favorite:

39.6 — That’s a quarterback’s rating under the NFL system if all he would do is drop back all day and throw the ball directly into the ground. A quarterback can do that 1,000 times — go 0-for-1,000 with 0 yards — and still, 39.6 it is.

DJ went on to list some of the quarterbacks that had had a particularly challenging week 7 last year as well as some adjustments their offensive coordinators could make to improve their ratings:

Yet five starting quarterbacks had a rating lower than that yesterday: Derek Anderson (36.4), Marc Bulger (37.3), Matt Cassel (25.3), Josh Johnson (29.2) and JaMarcus Russell (31.1). All five of their teams lost.

Next week their offensive coordinators may want to call more passing plays in which the quarterback just drops back and throws the ball directly into the ground. Although maybe those were the calls Sunday, and these gentlemen just had trouble completing it to the grass.

Well, Todd Collins had a QB rating this afternoon that I’ve never ever seen before — Leading the Chicago Bears against the Carolina Panthers, in place of an injured Jay Cutler, Todd threw for A WHOPPING 6.2……And his team got the W!

Keep drinking before games Todd!