I guess it was only a matter of time before Packers fans turned their anger and frustration on Olivia Munn and blaming the actress for the team’s early season struggles this year. After all, quarterback Aaron Rodgers did start dating her earlier this year and, as we all know, once you get a girlfriend you instantly become really terrible at sports.

I mean, just look at Tom Brady…three Super Bowls pre-Gisele, NONE after. You think David Tyree could have made that ridiculous catch if it weren’t for the model’s curse on the Patriots? Obviously not, dumbass.

Everyone knows that Munn is way more important to the Packers success than the guys who actually put on the uniforms and take the field every Sunday. It doesn’t matter if your entire offense is completely inept, the blame has to start with the girlfriend. That’s why this news report is so very important:

In Rodgers’ defense, though, I probably wouldn’t give a shit about football either if I was going home to Olivia Munn every night. Man’s gotta have his priorities and I think the decision is pretty easy here.