Intermission interviews during hockey games are boring, banal and often useless. Interviews of this type during every game are often useless. However, in a recent Austrian league game between HC Bolzano and¬†Medvescak Zagreb (which you may recognize as teams from Italy and Croatia), the intermission interview wasn’t quite boring, banal and useless.

Chris DeSousa of Bolzano and Tom Zanoski of Zagreb got into a brawl during the intermission interview when the 33-year-old Zanoski started trading stick jabs with DeSousa, and a few of which actually caught the intermission reporter for Servus TV.

Then they started exchanging blows and, well friends, we have chaos. Zanoski’s teammates just stood around and watched, amusingly enough, until other players, referees and arena security came in to break up the fight. Both players were given fighting majors and game misconducts, and five other players were given roughing penalties for the fracas. The league has yet to announce any supplemental discipline for the players.

In DeSousa’s first season in the league, he’s picked up 19 points in 28 games. Zanoski only has four in 28. Bolzano may have lost more in this potential suspension trade-off, but at least for once, a hockey intermission interview didn’t talk about “pucks in deep” or “playing our game”.


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