Riding The Webble

My sister gave me something awesome for Christmas, the Webble. What is the Webble you ask? It’s the product of a footrest, skateboard, and shopping cart. The Webble is designed to rest your feet on so they don’t rest at all. The people at BriteObjects, the creators of the Webble, call it the “Active Footrest for Active Sitting”. It’s great for people like me who can’t stop shaking their legs or sit still. I think I’m strengthening my core and my thighs too. I’m using it right now while typing at my desk, but it can also be used while sitting on the couch, the toilet, or anywhere else you find yourself parked. Worried your coworker might try and snake it? Good luck. The Webble automatically locks up if undue pressure is put on it—like trying to ride it like a skateboard. In case you’re wondering what I got for my sister Christmas, it wasn’t anything from iTunes. Steve Jobs still hasn’t come through.