I’ve been struggling with what to give my sister for Christmas. I know she likes music but didn’t know if that meant I should get her a guitar or DJ Hero 2. Instead of limiting myself to two options I decided on a third: buy her the entire iTunes catalog of music. With more than 14 million songs in Apple’s library, I knew for sure it would include at least a couple winners. Here’s the problem, iTunes only allows you to gift individual albums. If I were to go album by album it would take years for me to gift them all and who knows how many new ones are added each day. So I sought for a better solution, ask Steve Jobs. I sent him an email a few days ago, as you can see from the picture (click it for bigger size), and have yet to hear back from him. If anyone out there is reading this and can pass my message to Steve, it would be greatly appreciated. I am running out of time.

My Email to Steve Jobs-click image to see my email to Steve Jobs-