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New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has long voiced his support for presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr, even once being rumored as a potential vice president candidate. But in a recent interview, he voiced his concerns about Kennedy’s upcoming campaign, which he says could affect his well-being.

In a recent appearance on the I Can Fly podcast, Rodgers detailed that he believes that Kennedy Jr. is “in danger”.

“The two-party system that we got in place doesn’t work, hasn’t been working, hasn’t been working really since JFK was in office, and we need somebody who’s willing to lay it on the line,” “That’s what I love about Bobby. Think about it. They killed his uncle. They killed his dad. We know the CIA was involved, right? I mean, they can’t declassify it because it’s so damning. We know the FBI was involved. [J. Edgar] Hoover hated the Kennedys. Hated them. Allen Dulles was fired as director of the CIA after he botched the Bay of Pigs and tried to get Operation Northwoods to happen to literally start World War III and invade Cuba. He was fired. He was on the Warren Commission, Allen Dulles was, as was Gerald Ford, who was the right-hand man to J. Edgar Hoover, who hated the Kennedys. Like, we know they’re involved.

“Like he’s putting himself on the line. Why? Because he believes in this country. He believes in the good in people and he believes he can make a difference. That’s somebody I can get behind who’s willing to lay it on the line.”

Rodgers has been known for his fair share of conspiracy theories, whether it be about the COVID-19 vaccine or the Sandy Hook tragedy. So it should come as no surprise that he has a theory about the deaths of John F. Kennedy or Robert F. Kennedy Sr.

Regardless, he is seemingly quite concerned that something could happen to Kennedy Jr. despite very little evidence that he is truly “in danger”.

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