Plenty of stuff has been thrown on the ice at hockey games, from the usual like hats to celebrate a hat trick, to more unusual stuff like rubber rats, light up bracelets, waffles and my personal favorite, a bra from an old lady. But until yesterday, none of us have ever seen a cellphone thrown on the ice. But there’s always a first time for everything…

That was at the Golden Knights-Jets game in the third period, and for whatever reason, some fan had enough of his cellphone and sent it iceward. This didn’t happen after a goal or a bad call, so as far as we can tell, the fan may have just had it with his old phone and wanted to celebrate getting a new one by disposing of the old one in the best way possible.

Dave Goucher and Shane Hnidy on the Golden Knights broadcast certainly had fun with it, but in the pantheon of weird stuff thrown on the ice, a cell phone has to be a new one.

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