Alexander Ovechkin versus Ryan Getzlaf is currently the NHL’s most heated rivalry.

Following Sunday’s Ducks-Capitals game in Anaheim, Getzlaf called out the Caps star for diving “all over the f—ing ice” in “embarrassing” fashion. Ovechkin managed to draw two slashing penalties – one from Getzlaf, the other from Andrew Cogliano – but it certainly looked like there may have been some embellishment involved.

Here’s a look at the penalty to Getzlaf:


When asked about Getzlaf’s comments this week, Ovechkin decided to send a few verbal jabs right back at the 29-year old Ducks forward, who isn’t exactly blessed with a great head of hair these days.


“Maybe he’s just jealous. I have hair, he don’t have hair,” Ovechkin said Tuesday, according to Alex Prewitt of the Washington Post. “We can start talking about it all day long. I think it was comment because he was disappointed they lost. Again, it is what it is.

“I don’t think somebody can call me diver in this league, but how I said, maybe he’s disappointed in all the kind of moments that happen.” (The Score)

Was Ovechkin’s hair burn pretty funny? Sure, but let’s not pretend like calling him a diver is some bizarre notion.


Yes, Alex Ovechkin is a diver. And, yes, Ryan Getzlaf is unfortunately thin up top. Case closed.