The New England Patriots and the Washington Redskins are holding joint practices this week before they play a preseason game on Thursday and it appears that an Arby’s in Richmond, Virginia couldn’t wait to get the festivities started.

The fast food joint placed a sign at a space in its parking lot, reserving it for the “Former HC of the NYJ.”

Now, there are plenty of former head coaches of the New York Jets. Which one could the Arby’s have meant? After all, perhaps the manager of the Arby’s is a big Eric Mangini fan.

The evidence of which coach the Arby’s is targeting is in the odd phrasing, “Former HC of the NYJ.” Of all the head coaches in the Jets’ history, Bill Belichick was the only one to use that phrase in order to resign from being the head coach of the Jets. He infamously held that position for all of one day:

When Bill Parcells resigned after three seasons as head coach of the Jets in January 2000, Belichick, who had been an assistant on Parcells’ staff, was promoted to head coach. In a stunning announcement the following day, Belichick quit. He reportedly wrote his resignation note on a sheet of paper, or a napkin: ‘I resign as HC of the NYJ.’

Still, that’s a rather obscure and old joke to have at Belichick’s expense. Hell, why not just throw in a Spygate reference while you’re at it.

*Sees the binoculars at the bottom of the sign.

Oh, never mind then.

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