Remember when Genie Bouchard bet some college student on Twitter that if the Patriots came back to win Super Bowl 51, she’d go on a date with him? That story, which is now almost a year old, was incredibly ridiculous but it’s still not dead yet.

Bouchard said she’d consider a second date with Missouri student John Goerhke and they spend some time together in Florida in December. After Bouchard was eliminated in the second round of the Australian Open, she found herself with some free time on her hands, and she’s going to spend that time, with Goerhke, at Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis, thanks to an offer from NFL Canada.

It’s hard to decide what’s more amazing about this story: that this story is still going on after a year, or that Bouchard and Goerhke are still getting on. But we’re happy for them because turning such a silly situation into something that might blossom into something more is quite remarkable. Although, we wouldn’t precisely describe this whole situation this way:

Not quite.


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