Marshawn Lynch and “Beast Mode” are as synonymous as Lynch and Skittles, so it’s not surprising that the Seahawks running back will be making an appearance in Ludacris’s upcoming music video that is fittingly called “Beast Mode.”

Ludacris confirmed the news on an episode of ESPN’s His and Hers that aired last week. The rapper also stated that the name of the song and Lynch’s appearance are not coincidental as Marshawn served as the song’s inspiration.

“It was inspired by Marshawn Lynch,” Ludacris told hosts Michael Smith and Jemele Hill. “The same way he’s plowing down people on the field, I’m plowing down people in the music industry and all these rappers. It’s a song that has no hook. It’s three minutes of just metaphors and just going in.”

The music video hasn’t been released yet but you can listen to Ludacris’s “Beast Mode” on his Youtube channel to get an idea of the song that Marshawn Lynch inspired.