Don’t expect Marshawn Lynch to go easy on you, even if you go to Oakland Tech (his alma matter) and are still a teenager.

Lynch took names on the field against Oakland Tech players, as the Raiders running back had little problems getting through the high school defense. Lynch even bulldozed through a young defender, knocking him to the ground on the way to an easy touchdown.

Just keep workin it will happen no matter what!!!!Yes lawd!!!!

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Shoutout to the high schoolers for giving it their all. And, to the defensive back who got stuffed while trying to take down Marshawn, you’ve got more courage than I.

Oakland Tech eventually managed to take down Lynch, although, it took a handful of defenders solely focused on him and expecting the run to do so. There’s a reason he’s an above average back in the best football league on the planet.

The always-competitive Lynch wanted it to be known he’s still the best back at his school, and damn, he showed it.


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