In a stunning development: Blake Bortles is one of the biggest draft busts in recent memory, and this current training camp has done nothing to dissuade those opinions. Jalen Ramsey is also one to not shy away from subtly hinting at what he thinks about his teams’ QB, and he did so again today in glorious fashion:

That would be Ramsey liking an Instagram post by fantastic Jacksonville rapper Lil’ Duval on this post from Big Cat Country suggesting potential Bortles’ replacements who could be immediate options. One day after Allen Robinson went off at Bortles after a bad throw in practice, the team’s only good #1 draft pick since Reggie Nelson 10 years ago did the same, albeit much quieter, though the internet has picked up on this story quick.

Jalen Ramsey seems to think what most if not all Jaguars fans think: the way the team takes a step to the next level is by getting rid of a QB who hasn’t justified his draft position at all. Now if only we knew which QB he’d want the team to go after…

[Big Cat Country]

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