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You probably know the story of Devon Still by now. The Bengals defensive tackle was cut in the preseason, only to be resigned to the Bengals’ practice squad so that he could pay for (and receive health insurance) his daughter Leah’s pediatric cancer treatments.

After a few weeks on the practice squad, the Bengals promoted Still to the active roster (which ensured him an increased salary) and started selling his jersey, with the proceeds going to cancer research. Still’s No. 75 uniform quickly became the best-selling jersey in team history.

But other teams are also kicking in to support his daughter’s fight. Earlier this season, Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints purchased 100 Still jerseys from the Bengals. Last weekend, the Patriots had a tribute to Leah during Sunday Night Football and donated $25,000 to Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital. Now, the Houston Texans have also submitted a cool gesture for the little lady.

Bill O’Brien and his team sent Leah a care package filled with items from Disney’s animated film’Frozen,’ which seems to be a huge hit with the kids these days. Devon uploaded the contents of the package to his Instagram account this week:


Thanks coach OB and the Texans for send Leah these gifts…can't go wrong with frozen

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Pretty awesome move by the Texans. I’m sure Leah was pumped.