Devon Still continues to be one of the very few feel-good stories the NFL has had this season. After being cut in the preseason, the defensive tackle was signed to the Bengals’ practice squad so that he could afford (and receive health insurance) for his daughter’s pediatric cancer treatments.

After a few weeks on the practice squad, the Bengals promoted Still to the active roster (which ensured him an increased salary) and started selling his jersey, with the proceeds going to cancer research. Still’s No. 75 uniform quickly became the best-selling jersey in team history

During Sunday night’s Patriots-Bengals game in Foxboro, all of New England’s cheerleaders wore Still’s jersey to support him and his daughter, Leah, on national television. The Patriots also played a video tribute to Leah on Gillette Stadium’s big screens and donated $25,000 to Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital.

It was a pretty outstanding gesture by the organization, and certainly one that Still appeared to appreciate.