We all remember 99-year-old Millie from the Saints-Vikings game last week. She was given tickets to Super Bowl 52 by Roger Goodell with high hopes that her beloved Vikings would play in the game. After their miracle win, it certainly looked as if they had an excellent chance to give Millie the time of her life. Instead, they laid an egg. And since this is Philadelphia and some Eagles fans are… overzealous, we should say, this happened:

Making fun of the Skol chant is alright, climbing up greased telephone polls after the city said don’t do that, that’s also OK. But going after Millie for no reason other than because she got some screen time last week? Come on Philly, do better.

Thankfully, Millie took the high road because she’s fantastic and some inebriated idiots weren’t.

Remember, not all Eagles fans are terrible. Many of them are friends of mine from having grown up in the Delaware Valley. It’s a shame they’re associated with these idiots.



Alright, you get the point. But Millie took the high road, and that’s good. The Eagles do have a 99-year-old fan of their own who is having a much better day, however. Phil Basser, a World War II and Korean War veteran, is also excellent and gets to see his team in the Super Bowl.

But still Eagles fans, please lay off Millie. What did she do to you?

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