Jonathan Paul Manziel, aka Johnny, and James Richard Clausen, aka Jimmy, will be two of the 32 NFL starting quarterbacks in Week 16 and one guy seems to think if they were named John and Jim that success would be more easily attainable. Clausen is in his fifth NFL season, the first four of which came with the Panthers after being selected in the 2nd round out of Notre Dame in 2010. Although it does not appear that Clausen shares many accurate and fair comparisons to Manziel, aside from the fact that they both had illustrious college careers and will both be starting QBs this week, one guy seems to think they have one glaring similarity: Immature First Names.



Is Jimmy Graham doing ok? What about Robbie Gould, Ricky Waters or Sammy Watkins?

Yes, he’s fairly accurate in saying that John and Jim are typically considered more adult names than Johnny and Jimmy but the feeble attempt to compare immature names to NFL success is a bit baffling. As if the media wasn’t already reaching for anything and everything to use against these two players and hundreds of others, this man appears to be digging the deepest. The call for Manziel and Clausen to “Grow up” is asinine.



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Photo Courtesy: Chicago Tribune