Aaron Rodgers Syndication: The Record

This offseason, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers was in the headlines often for reasons that had little to do with football as he appeared on controversial right-wing podcasts and flirted with becoming the running mate for third-party presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. but it doesn’t sound like he regrets any of that.

During an appearance on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio with Adam Schein on Thursday, Aaron Rodgers addressed whether or not those controversial moves were a “distraction” to the team as his decisions.

“When it comes to using the word distraction, listen, you know, I think anybody would jump at the opportunity to be on Joe Rogan,” Rodgers said according to Pro Football Talk. “He’s the No. 1 podcaster and maybe the top media person in the world. More people listen to his show than anybody else. I respect what Tucker Carlson has done in his space and enjoyed doing that podcast as well. And the third one I did was my dear friend Morgan Hoffman, if you know Morgan, he’s got an incredible story of healing. So I don’t regret any of that stuff.

“The V.P. stuff, it got out there, and like I said it was an honor to be even considered worthy to have a conversation about it from Bobby, but people think those are distractions, that’s fine. I’m still probably going to do McAfee, and I’m still probably going to piss some people off based on my vax stance or my ideas about this or that, and that’s fine, but you know what you’re going to get from me inside a locker room. I think in general . . . to just put a bow on this, the idea of distractions is a way bigger topic outside of the building than it is inside. I mean, nobody has talked to me about any of these things being distractions. My teammates love deep-diving on all different types of topics, some that they’ve seen me talk about on some of these podcasts. What they’re stewing on. . . . There’s great conversations in the locker room, and nobody is worried about any distractions. Nobody even said anything about the whole V.P. stuff during the entire thing. It wasn’t even a topic of conversation. No worries, no nothing. The idea of it being a lot of distractions is one that is an outside the locker, outside of the facility conversation, not inside.”

Needless to say, it doesn’t sound like Rodgers has any regrets about what he did this offseason or plans to change the way he does things.

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