cs.tom.brady.snow.bowl.2002.football.is.better.in.winter (1)Here’s why both the NFL and NCAA should begin their seasons roughly 3 weeks later:

1.  As much as we all love football, nobody really wants to spend the final few weekends of summer inside watching TV.  If it weren’t for my beloved Patriots I would have gone to the beach on three of four Sundays last month.  Life would be better if I wasn’t forced to make that decision.

2.  You know what really sucks?  All those weeks off between the end of the college regular season and the bowl games.  Last year Notre Dame played their first 12 games over a span of 85 days.  Then they waited 44 days before the national title game.  Starting the season three weeks later would eliminate that ridiculous down time.

3.  You know what sucks even more?  Winter time.  February, in particular.  Everybody calls the month between the Super Bowl and March Madness the worst time of the year for sports.  Pushing the NFL year back three weeks could go a long way towards fixing that. Find me one person who wouldn’t prefer to spend their Sundays watching football in February rather than September…


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