[UPDATED] The ticket prices jumped to 100k shortly after this was posted, thus solidifying the assumption that these are definitely fake bets and we just hope that the entire post is fake.  eBay did the smart thing and shut it down.

[Original Post] I personally think this is a fairly awful thing to do, if you ever end up scalping your tickets to a funeral I’d assume your time is close at hand.  2 tickets are currently on sale on eBay to Joe Paterno’s funeral for a total of $35,100.  You can see the eBay post HERE and a screen grab of it below.  People continue to drive up the price as they were going for $25,000 only last night.  As Adam Kramer of “Keggs n Eggs” pointed out following a user put in a 10k bid this morning: “Has to be fake bids, right?”  We would agree.


H/T @KeggsnEggs via @Ben_Jones88