Jim Boeheim has been in Syracuse, New York for a billion years, transforming Syracuse University into a legit national basketball school, and is loved by the Orange fans.

28-year-old superfan Richard Miner decided to honor the coach that arrived as a freshman walk-on in 1962 before accepting the head coaching job in 1976, where he has brought stability and success ever since.

Miner  had the following tattoo plastered on his leg as an unofficial thank you to Boeheim:


“I’m a lifelong Syracuse fan,” Minor, a BBQ chef in Syracuse, told ESPN. “He’s done remarkable things for the program for more than four decades.” The seasoned Boeheim, with a whopping 948 wins under his college coaching belt, wasn’t as enthusiastic when shown the tattoo.

“I would wear long pants for the rest of my life,” he told ESPN’s Jeff Goodman.

It remains unclear why he picked such a bland expression of the 69-year-old coach as opposed to something more emotional:



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