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What’s most important when selecting a college? Academics? Party town? Career Services? Greek life? Football? Whatever it might be, every high school student has his or her reasons and some might be more meaty than others. The same is the case for high school football players. Do they select a school because of the coach? Academic support? Luxurious amenities? Colors?

With  128 FBS teams this season and over 10,000 football student-athletes on those teams, some of which are competing for a spot in the College Football Playoff, how did they land at their respective institutions and allow their teams to become title contenders? College athletics recruiting remains an unforgiving, cutthroat and passionate business in which coaches attempt to sell prospective student-athletes on anything and everything, including graduate salaries.

The Week 13 AP Re-Rankings reviews the schools that have the higher post-grad salaries for their students, ranking the lowest mid-career salaries to the highest.

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