No need to start worrying about Oregon football falling apart in the wake up Chip Kelly’s defection to the NFL. Ducks fans feeling melancholy got an immediate reminder that Phil Knight, the man most responsible for fueling Oregon’s ascent to BCS championship contention, will not be switching his support to the Eagles. Despite Kelly leaving Knight is pumping five million dollars into the Oregon football program to continue improving Autzen Stadium.

According to documents filed with the state of Oregon the latest donation from Knight will fund appearance and accessibility improvements at Autzen according to planning document filings:

• Provide improved access to the north side of the stadium and greatly enhance the post- game egress on the north side by constructing better access ramps and additional stairways resulting in overall better safety for all;

• Improve the overall fan experience by providing enhanced landscaping on the north berm that will greatly improve the visual look and feel of the venue; and

• Provide improved ADA access to the north side of the stadium

With Phil Knight’s billions and the full weight of Nike behind the Ducks the mourning period for Chip Kelly may prove to be a short one.


H/T The Oregonian