The University of Minnesota football team decided to unveil new jerseys for next year, and they’re already drawing interesting reviews. Head coach P.J. Fleck, formerly of Western Michigan, brought with him the “Row The Boat” mantra. They’ve now implemented it into their uniforms. From here, the school and Nike say that many combinations can be used out of these original designs.

From the Nike Hyprr Elite website describing the jerseys:

A unique pattern of an oar, boat and compass are emblazoned on the jersey numbers and collar to represent the program’s Row The Boat culture. An oar also makes up the center stripe on the helmet and a compass with the player’s number inside of it is displayed on the back above the school’s traditional Ski-U-Mah cheer.

While these may be hated by some, they definitely are unique. Not enough people are taking chances, and this is a risk. Minnesota will stand out from the crowd, and if they can take care of business on the field, they’ll only continue to make a name for themselves.

It isn’t a horrible strategy to stick out from the crowd. Minnesota did just that.


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