The NCAA’s transfer rules have long been under scrutiny and while there are many restrictions placed upon student-athletes that don’t even reach the public, we may have a new winner for most bizarre restrictions.

Missouri forward Johnathan Williams III announced he will be leaving the program and will immediately become one of the more sought-after transfers in the nation. The sophomore led the Tigers in scoring, rebounding and blocks but the team only managed to win nine games and experienced an atrocious 13-game losing streak under first-year head coach Kim Anderson.

While it was assumed that a few of the typical restrictions might be placed upon Williams, such as some SEC schools, apparently Anderson placed a mind-bogglingly long list of schools on his restricted list, 25 programs to be exact. The list includes all 13 other schools in the SEC plus all 10 schools in the Big 12 for whatever reason. Additionally he cannot transfer to nearby Illinois or even to Pac-12 non-rival Arizona.

Arizona was included in the list because the Tigers have a home-and-home series scheduled with the Wildcats starting this upcoming season. And we assume the Big 12 was also included because of the SEC-Big 12 annual series, but it’s pathetic to think Williams can’t attend a different school because there is a 10 percent chance of playing them over the next two years. The move by Anderson will surely make waves and be met with heavy criticism, similarly to other cases of severe restrictions the last few years.



Photo Courtesy: Missourian