College football is back which means bad decisions are bound to be made. Beer is going to be consumed at high levels. Plainly, it is the best time of the year.

The first full day of college football had plenty of odd moments but one of the weirdest actually took place off the field. At a tailgate before the Louisville-Purdue game, someone offered up money for a young lady to do a shot out of a garbage bag full of beer cans.

For whatever reason, she took her peers up on it. She wasn’t offered a lot of money for it either.

While the visual of doing the shot is heinous, somehow this wasn’t the worst part of it all. The people over at Busted Coverage asked how much money she made for doing it and it was less than $20 bucks.

As someone who has drank beer out of a shoe before, I can’t cast judgment here but if you’re going to do a gross beer challenge, you need to get more money. It is all a big beer ponzi scheme, you drink beer in an odd way and then you make money and buy more beer. Drink and repeat.

This is all beer drinking 101, hopefully the money she made was at least enough for a Four Loko or two.

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