College GameDay is live from Seattle on Saturday for the first time in the ESPN show’s history for the battle between No. 2 Oregon at No. 19 Washington. Despite the location, fans from Washington State, Washington’s instate rival, will be representing, proudly displaying their Cougars flags. Washington State has a tradition of having a representative at each GameDay location waving their flag. This time-honored tradition has occurred in 138 straight GameDay shows. GameDay senior producer Lee Fitting even stated that Wazzu fans will be protected in this hostile environment. However it’s not about the flags, we all know it’s all about the creative homemade signs. And to give Washington fans even more fodder, former USC coach Lane Kiffin stopped by for an interview. The Washington fans of course welcomed him with welcome arms and sneering signs.

Sorry Lane Kiffin, ESPN isn’t available, maybe UPS is hiring


Lane Kiffin getting burned


Apparently De’Anthony Thomas has the squirts and Phil Knight has jorts


Bernie Madoff thinks Oregon is shady


Does Oregon coach Mark Helfrich really piddle in his bed? Depends.


Washington thinks Oregon is the sh*t


And allegedly the Pac-12 discriminates against referees who have good vision


Washington is reminded of one their more infamous alumni, serial killer Ted Bundy


People take it too far when they start accusing athletes that they use Internet Explorer