The Clippers and Spurs went into overtime on Wednesday night in one of the more entertaining Playoff games of 2015, but the length of the game isn’t an excuse if Mike Woodson is really eating halfway through the second quarter. As you can see from the video, Mike Woodson who is a Clippers assistant coach, pulled off a sly move as Doc Rivers was complaining to the officials early in the second and he grabbed what looks like some sort of food from the scorers table.

Upon a closer review the box from which Mike grabbed the items also has two jars of chap-stick in it as well as some plastic gloves and gum. This would indicate that it is something other than food, but he definitely puts it in his mouth so our bet is on some sort of gum?

The Big Lead, where this video is from has a theory that Mike is digging in on some chips and dip, which (if true) would instantly make Mike Woodson my favorite assistant coach of all time.


If you have the answer please let us know.