Welp, as if Matt Kemp’s injury-riddled season of underperformance wasn’t enough, he’s decided to grace our televisions and computer screens with this terrible Lexus commercial. Let’s not be unfair, though, Kemp has had a lot of time this season sitting around on the disabled list.

The commercial itself looks forced and hastily made. It’s as if the marketing guys at Lexus got together and said “hey let’s pay Matt Kemp too much money to look lustily at the new IS. Oh and there should be some arbitrary hot girl in there randomly dancing.”

The tagline for the new IS is “This is ambition. This is unapologetic. This is exhilaration,” three things that Matt Kemp certainly was not this year.

To make matters worse, the Dodgers announced yesterday that the hampered Kemp would be shut down for the rest of the playoffs with a swollen ankle.