For reasons still unclear, Kevin Pillar tried to steal a base when he shouldn’t have and Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons lit him up for all to see because of it.

On Sunday, with Toronto down 6-2 in the top of the sixth against the New York Yankees, Pillar tried to steal third base with two outs. The attempt wasn’t successful.

Gibbons was pissed.

Gibbons didn’t mince words after the game, telling the media the play was unacceptable at any level of baseball.

Toronto would get pummeled by the Yankees 10-2, dropping the club’s record to 55-69, 32.5 games back of the first place Red Sox.

It’s hard to understand Pillar’s motives on the attempt. He would have scored on a single, so why he thought it was a good move to try to take third is unknown. Pillar gave the Yankees an out for free. It doesn’t matter how bad the Blue Jays are, miscues like this one are brutal. Gibbons was clearly pissed and justifiably chewed out Pillar.

The good news for Toronto is there’s just under 1/4 of the season left to play. Gibbons seems to care about how the team finishes out the season. Pillar? Not so much, at least on this play.

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