Ninety-nine percent of people clicked on this link with the sole intention of watching Bartolo Colon hilariously lose his helmet for the millionth time and while that was half the intention of this brief showcase, please stay to enjoy highlights from others that most often misplace their helmet.

But, of course, it’s only fair to start with the man, the myth, the legend.


Bartolo Colon – New York Mets

Again, this list was made for Colon, as he’s the most legendary helmet-loser in baseball over the last few years, routinely seeing his helmet fly off during his wildly entertaining at-bats.

Carlos Gomez – Houston Astros

It’s unclear if Gomez’s helmet actually doesn’t fit or if the feisty Astros’ outfielder just swings so damn hard that it can’t help but fall off.

Bryce Harper – Washington Nationals

Harper’s helmet actually doesn’t fall off that much, but when it does, the ladies are ready to gush over his awe-inspiring flowing locks.

Hanley Ramirez – Boston Red Sox

We think Ramirez made a midseason helmet adjustment because the new Red Sox outfielder lost his helmet almost every game during his first month in Beantown, but has since kept it on when swinging and running the bases.

Eduardo Nunez – Minnesota Twins

The Twins utility man is one of the lesser known helmet-losers but Nunez deserves a spot among the most lethal men. He started losing it while in New York and continued doing it upon arriving in Minnesota last year, with the helmet flying off anytime he runs the bases.