With 30 MLB clubs and 40-man rosters for each team, there are a whopping 1,200 active players across the league. Given that number, there’s bound to be dozens of guys you’ve never heard of but also a surprising number that you’ve heard of but have exited your mind in recent months and years.

A glance over current 40-man rosters reveals quite a few that fit in the second category. Here are 10 guys that, unless you’re a baseball junkie or are a fan of their current employer, you likely had no clue were still on active rosters, starting with former Marlins ace Josh Johnson:

Josh Johnson (San Diego Padres, SP)

Johnson hasn’t pitched since 2013 when he had a disastrous injury-riddled and ineffective 16-start season with Toronto, his only with the club. He’s currently on the 60-day DL for the Padres and hasn’t made a start in two years.


Photo Courtesy: Earnie Grafton