As we approach the last couple weeks of Summer, we also close the chapter on what was a season dominated by a few songs that became instant, larger than life tracks, that were played over and over… and over.  With Robin Thicke’s risqué track, Blurred Lines, leading the way, 2013’s Summer of pop hits evolved into 3 months of sex appeal, limited clothing and unlimited dancing. But while Robin has embraced the image of allure and seductiveness and his music has always succeeded in that department, he wasn’t always such a poster boy for all things sexy.

As you can see in this Sprite commercial from 2002, Robin, who went by the solo name of “Thicke” back then, was not nearly the fashion and image authority that we know today. But as one of Sprite’s taglines would suggest, “Image is Nothing, Thirst is Everything.” (also, shout out to the “AOL Keyword” graphic.)

And while we’re at it, Sprite used to absolutely dominate the commercial game. So many significant hip-hop artists and athletes used to grace their 30 second ad’s. Here are some of the best I could dig up:

Kobe Bryant/Tim Duncan/Missy Elliot (1998):

A Tribe Called Quest (1994):

Nas/AZ (1997):

Kriss Kross (1993):