The Super Bowl MVP is making bank.

Hey, remember when we said Fletcher Cox of the Philadelphia Eagles had the biggest non-quarterback guarantee ever? Well, it’s already been toppled by the Denver Broncos for one Mr. Von Miller.

According to ESPN, the Broncos have guaranteed Miller $70 million as part of a six-year, $114.5 million deal. That number shadows Cox’s $63 million, who probably won’t have too many financial concerns regardless. Miller is also set to be the highest-paid player in Broncos’ franchise history, which will probably help him feed a lot of chickens. No, seriously; the man loves chicken farming.

This payday is just another example of the NFL’s want and need of more than just offensive playmakers, as more linemen and defensive players receive more and more exposure for their accomplishments. Let’s just hope this means that Miller will still have time to play video games with Conan O’Brien.

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Photo (Cover): Sporting News

Photo (Top): CineSport