Fletcher Cox is kind of a big deal. Or at least he seems to be with the Philadelphia Eagles.

After a month of negotiations, according to ABC News, the 25 year-old Defensive Tackle is reportedly banking on a new contract the Eagles, signing for six years. The deal is overall worth $103 million overall, with at least $63 million guaranteed. 63. Million. Let that set in for a minute.


Cox’s guaranteed dinero is what makes the deal such a big…er, deal, being the biggest promised paycheck for a player that doesn’t put his hands under another’s crotch on purpose. Philly seems to think he’s worth it, though, as the Pro Bowler lead his team in tackles for a loss or no gain (24) while also setting his own personal record for sacks (9.5). Cox himself seems pretty appreciative of the situation.

Well said. We’re sure that teammates will be looking to him to pick up the check on the occasional Outback Steakhouse run or Hustlers visit. If he does start having money troubles, though, we know a certain Spencer Strathmore whose dealt with money problems before.

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Photo (cover): CSN Philly

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