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The Masters at Augusta National is amongst the most difficult golf courses in the world, simply perplexing many of the field. And on Friday, one golfer expressed his frustration by lashing out at the fans in attendance.

Former Masters winner Zach Johnson came into Friday’s action at +4 for the tournament, meaning that he would need to have a good day in order to make the cut to play the weekend. For much of his round, he did play quite well. But on the Par 3 hole number 12, everything quickly unraveled for him.

Johnson hit his first shot of the hole into the azalea bushes sitting behind the hole, which caused him to take an unplayable on the hole as he couldn’t find his ball. His third shot also didn’t reach the green, and then when he finally did get on the green, he proceeded to two-putt on the hole, finally getting in with a triple-bogey.

After finally making the putt, he began to get cheered by the fans watching the action. Johnson was in no mood for the crowd, being seen voicing some colorful language towards the cheering fans.

It seems quite clear based on this clip that Johnson told the fans to “f*** off”, which seems a bit harsh considering the patrons were seemingly genuinely happy to see him make the putt at the end.

The Masters is tough for everyone, especially this year considering the winds have been up significantly compared to previous years. But to take your frustration about your poor golf shots out on fans isn’t the best look for Johnson.

Naturally, fans took to social media to voice their opinions on Johnson’s conduct on the hole.

Johnson finished outside the projected cutline at +7 after 36 holes over the last two days. So at least he won’t have to deal with the patrons over the weekend…

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