Hofstra and Drexel faced off in a thrilling game that game down to the final seconds Wednesday night.

After Hofstra hit a big three-pointer to tie the game at 52-52, Drexel inbounded the ball to guard Frantz Massenat with just seconds left on the clock. Massenat tried to push the ball up the court, but ran into a trap. He almost got the ball stolen from him, but he got it back, split the two Hofstra defenders and threw up a hail mary that went straight in.

From NBC Sports:

“They hit a tough shot from three to tie the game,” Massenat told NBCSports.com after the game. “I think they called timeout so we went into the huddle and just drew up the play. Right before I left, one of our coaches said ‘No matter what, go get the ball.’ So we go out on the court and I go get the ball and two guys come to double team me. … I noticed they backed up and I split the double team.”

And you let it fly?

“It was looking good the whole time,” Massenat said with a laugh.

It was a special moment for Massenat, as his family and friends were in the crowd to witness the amazing shot.

“My mom, my dad, my cousins and my aunt, a lot of friends from the area,” Massenat said of his extended guest list. ”I was excited. I’m still excited. I keep watching it over and over.”

“I always wanted to be on Sportscenter’s top ten plays,” he said. “Hopefully today will be my day.”

Here’s a reverse angle of the shot provided by a fan. His reaction was awesome.